our core team

Our team consists of professionals who are diverse in perspectives and backgrounds, including ethnicity, age, gender, and religious affiliation, modelling the inclusiveness and collaboration needed to come up with innovative solutions.

Pax Escobar

Project Lead

With her multidisciplinary background, Pax brings project management, design thinking and systems thinking to the projects she is a part of. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Sociology, and a Master’s degree in International Relations, specializing in International Development. She enjoys finding connections among seemingly unrelated topics and immersing herself in other cultures.

Manuel Maqueda

Design Thinking Lead

Manuel is a seasoned human-centered design specialist. He hold’s a Master’s degree in Economics, a Law Degree, and teaches innovation and social entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and at other international schools. He loves playing classical guitar, drawing cartoons and chasing after his identical twin toddler sons.

Naomi Annandale

Research Lead

Naomi is a highly skilled religion researcher and program evaluator who uses qualitative and quantitative skills developed as a journalist and pastor, as well as a PhD in Religion, Psychology and Culture from Vanderbilt University. She loves to cook, read, play with her Shetland Sheepdog and practice yoga.

Carla Swank Fox

Communications Lead

A multifaceted communications professional, Carla is an accomplished writer, producer, and social strategist. With a background in journalism and multimedia storytelling and a Master’s degree in Organizational Studies and Leadership, she is interested in the many ways people connect through messages.

Alma Perez

Cultural Context Lead

Alma’s cultural sensitivity and experience with people from diverse backgrounds enriches the work of Sentido. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a specialization in Adult Education, and advanced studies in Education Technology. Alma is passionate about seeing people reach their potential and loves being around young and diverse people.